Point of Sale Printers
The POS app can print to either a network connected printer, a Bluetooth printer or a USB printer.

Currently, only one printer can be defined and used as a receipt printer.
Network Connected Printer
If the printer can be cabled to your network router, an Ethernet connected printer can be used. These are cheaper than WiFi printers, but require a cable be attached.
A WiFi (Wireless/802.11) printer can be used in 2 different ways:
  • With an existing WiFi router. Just configure the printer to use your wireless router.
  • Using your phone as a HotSpot. This won't require a WiFi router, but is an extra monthly charge on most carriers. It will also use more battery power on your phone/tablet.

Bluetooth Connected Printer
Bluetooth printers can be connected directly to the phone/tablet, and do not require any other networking devices.
Bluetooth printing works well on Android 3.0 and above devices, and should work on most 2.2 and above devices.
The printer needs to stay within 15-20 feet of the phone/tablet to work consistently.

USB Connected Printer
(Registroid Cloud version only)
USB receipt printers can be connected directly to most devices running Android 3.1 and above.

You need a special USB Host Mode or USB OTG (On The Go) cable. This cable has a USB Micro male on one end, and an USB A female on the other end.
Please check your documentation that came with your device to make sure it supports USB Host (OTG) Mode.

Any Ethernet, WiFi or Bluetooth receipt printer should work. Contact support with any specific questions.

Cash Drawers
Cash drawers connect to the printer, and the point of sale send a code to the printer to open the drawer. Drawers have different cables, so make sure your printer can connect to the drawer.
Portable printers (such as the Printek printers above) don't connect to cash drawers, so check the printer specification to make sure you can connect a drawer.

Printer Definition
Each printer definition includes codes to open the cash drawer, cut the receipt printer, set the color code and any other codes to setup the printer (set font, etc).
Not all printers use all of these codes or include the hardware to operate a drawer or a cutter.
Select "Epson Other" or "Epson Other w/ Cutter" is your printer is not in the list.
If the generic Epson printer doesn't work, check your printer manual and select "User Defined", then enter your print codes.
Most cash drawers will works with receipt printers with a cash drawer connection, but check your manual before purchasing.

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